Ban on evictions for non-payment of rent ends September 1: What you need to know

On July 16, the provincial government announced details of a repayment framework intended to help landlords and renters, including renters who’ve fallen behind on rent payments, to maintain their housing when the ban on evictions for non-payment of rent is lifted on September 1.

This means rent will be due in full for BC renters starting on September 1. However, the framework is designed for landlords to offer a repayment plan to tenants to pay back the rent they owe in monthly installments. Renters won’t have to make their first payment until 30 days from the presentation of the repayment plan, and landlords will have the flexibility to work with tenants to adjust installment amounts.

Tenants who’ve fallen behind on rent payments during the emergency period can’t be evicted for unpaid rent during the emergency unless they default on the repayment plan they agree to with their landlord. Tenants have until July 2021 to pay what they owe.

Read the government’s announcement for full details. 

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